increasing stroke volume (the volume of blood pumped from one ventricle of the heart with each beat), while also increasing the oxidative capacity of a muscle (amount of oxygen a muscle uses during aerobic activity). Another benefit of cardio exercise is a decrease in resting heart rate as well as a decrease in your heart rate during exercise. Basically, cardio increases your cardiac output by making your heart and lungs stronger and muscles more efficient to make your workouts more effective.

While I’ll admit that stroke volume, VO2 max and the oxidative capacity of a muscle are lofty terms you may have not heard of, here are some everyday benefits of cardio I am sure you will appreciate: increased bone density, reduction in stress and anxiety, reduced risk of heart disease and some cancers, better sleep, more energy, higher level of confidence, lower cholesterol and yes, the last one is obvious, cardio is a great assistor in weight loss. So make sure you get your 30 minutes 5-7 days a week!

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