What are health benefits of flaxseed?

Some of the evidence-based benefits of Flaxseeds are:

  1. Helps to manage diabetes

Flaxseed may be useful in managing diabetes and pre-diabetes in obese individuals. It decreases the level of blood glucose and insulin levels and increases insulin sensitivity.

  1. Lowers high cholesterol level

Flaxseed may be beneficial in lowering total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels in blood. This may be due to the presence of some bioactive components such as α-linoleic acid, fibre and non-protein content

  1. Manages constipation

Flaxseed may be useful in the prevention and management of constipation. It is due to its laxative property. It increases the volume of stool and stimulates the relaxation and contraction of intestinal muscles. This helps in the easy removal of stool.

  1. Lowers high blood pressure

Flaxseed may be useful in managing high blood pressure due to the presence of fibre, lignans, α-linoleic acid and arginine. Arginine is required for the production of nitric oxide which is a potent vasodilator. It may lower blood pressure in case of hypertensive patients.

  1. Good for weight management

Flaxseed may be useful in managing weight. It is rich in soluble and insoluble fibre that combines with water and digestive juices. This increases gastric content, the time food remains in the stomach and also promotes the feeling of fullness. It may also decrease the absorption of some nutrients which in turn may reduce fat accumulation.

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