Weight Loss: Here Is Why Some People Are Not Able To Do Push-Ups

01/These might be the reason

Push-up is one of the oldest and most popular exercises that have been around for a long time. It is a multi-purpose exercise that engages all your body muscles, right from your head to toe, which makes it one of the most preferred exercises among the fitness enthusiasts. It is a no-equipment, easy exercise that can be done anywhere and at any time. If there is a crunch of time and you have to do one exercise, then it should be push-ups. However, some people fail to do this exercise as it requires you to have complete control of your body. So, if you are struggling with this one exercise then listen to your body carefully. Your body might be trying to tell something important to you.

Here are some things you should keep in mind.

02/If you can’t keep your midsection straight

It is important to keep your midsection straight. Your entire body (from head to toe) has to be in a straight line. If you cannot prevent your midsection from sagging, then you need to strengthen your core. A weak core is responsible for dropping of your butt and hips. Moreover, your joints will have to handle the weight of your body. Before attempting push-ups, perform core strengthening exercises like plank position first.

03/If your joints are hurting

If your wrists hurt after performing push-ups, then you need to work on your mobility and stability. Weak wrists, tight forearm muscle and bad shoulder stability will lead to joint pain.

Try some exercises, yoga poses or perform some repetitive tasks to ease your shoulder and forearm muscles. Also, be careful about the position of your wrist while performing the exercise. Your palms should be placed flat on the ground, exactly perpendicular to your shoulder.

04/If you feel exhausted

Exercising energize you and relieves stress, but if you are feeling exhausted after performing push-ups then you need to practice some breath controlling exercise. A common mistake people make when performing any exercise is when they try to hold their breath. You have to breathe properly. In the scarcity of oxygen in the body, your muscles will fatigue faster. You need to breathe in a controlled manner while performing push-ups.

05/The bottom line

If you are a beginner, then do not immediately rush to do traditional push-ups. You might be putting too much stress to your body. It is best to start slow. Start with wall-ups, then try tabletop push-ups, after this attempt inclined push-ups, followed by ankle push-ups and at last try traditional push-ups. Doing modified forms of push-ups, in the beginning, will help you to perform traditional push-ups in a better way.

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