1)Replace 90% of your beverages with water for plain lemon water :- Cut down on others as much as possible and whenever possible. Fruit smoothie, juices and loaded nutella chocolate shakes are full of sugar which you can’t even see.
2)Deep fried food is not really the culprit but the kind of oil that the food is cooked in :- if you do have cravings to eat certain type of food always make it at home, this way you know what goes into your plate and you will be aware. Don’t practice this more than once a month or may be two.
3)Never refrain yourself from eating something when it’s the only thing you can think about :- Eating a bite or two of your favourite dessert is not the end of the world. Eat the damn cake and move on with your life.
4)Mental health is greater than physical health :- You have to win it in your mind before your biology manifests it. Which brings me to my next point.
5)Sleep above and beyond anything else :- If it’s my elder sisters wedding and time is past 12 Am you will find me snuggled in a bed and not at the wedding. I never never never compromise on sleep it’s non negotiable. No plans, no birthday parties no night outs. Only sleeping 🙂
Move, move and move :- For every 30 minutes that you spend sitting stand for 2–3 minutes. Instead of asking for tea from maid , stand up walk and get the tea. Little movements count.

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