We all know that fat is the enemy. Then how come eating more food helps? The truth is that natural fat burning food items impact the three most common causes of fat accumulation in our body – slow metabolism, hunger and improper functioning of hormones.

Metabolism refers to the process where the body burns off fat to generate energy. If the rate of burning is too slow, fat will accumulate in your body. Fat burners increase this metabolic rate and help remove fat and make you active at the same time.

If the frequency of your meals is too high, your body will not have enough time to breakdown the fat. Fruits and other fat burning food items decrease your appetite as they are extremely filling. When you eat less, you take in less calories and this causes weight loss.

And lastly, hormones, high levels of oestrogen and low progesterone have been linked with stimulating a person’s metabolism rate, which, as mentioned above, can lead to weight gain especially if you are pregnant or menopausal. The truth is that all food items including fruits stimulate metabolism.

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