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I’m gonna make this a quick Blog how to find the best gym and how to negotiate a wicked gym price for the gym that you go to I only got a couple minutes on this camera so I’m going to talk a little bit faster than normal digging the most important factor to finding a great gym is that it has thee quipment that you need this depends on you know person I like to use a lot of specialty equipment so the number one requirement really all you need to buil great physique is a power rack a bencha  barbell some dumbbells and then may be you know a cable station on something apull -up in a dip machine that the basic requirements so you got to make sure your gym a lot of commercial gyms no plan to finish whatever the does not have a power rack you got to make sure it has power racks preferably more than one the second factor is the gym environment now what I mean is what vibe is the gym putting out all I care about if the gym is putting out a neutral or positive vibe right you know I’ve been part of bad gyms before where everyone just has the air defeat there’s a smell of death in the air you know you can’t tell if heavy because you know someone comes up to you and say uh please don’t bang the weight on the floor I’ve had that happen okay you feel like choking out a only quick so you gotta find at least a neutral environment where people just let you do your but you could be yourself but a positive environment the one that I be long to I kill as loud as I want at the top of my lungs and people will be encouragingme man I lift you got to make sure the gym environment is what you want so maybe people of a similar state of mind to you so if you have buddies that go there of looks like people that you might lift with that’s a good gym it hurts me when I personally hear stories from my subscribers that they see my Blogs I slammed away that working out having a great time and they can’t exhibit that exuberance right they can’t you know dead lift a lot away my god and then drop it on the ground because someone’s gonna say hey you know please don’t lift heavy weight in the gym like what the is this gym about in the first place so I’m here to try and make you guys upgrade your gym check better gym because a good gym environment or equal a whole lot more gains the next big factor I look at is availability how crowded is a gym right am I gonna have problem getting equipment in addition to that what are the hours of the gym the great thing about my gym right now it’s open 24/7 I could go anytime that I want so you got to make sure it works right with your schedule you could train when you want to train in equipment you want to use will be therefor last year we got talking about price because price is a factor I will say if a gym has a better environment Idefinitely will be willing to pay a higher premium on that but for you guys you got determine price and how you determine price you got a look at the market your area see what the average gym prices and then compare the gym you’re looking at to that price see if it’s worth it analyze the pros and the cons now it’s time to give you guys a secret something you probably don’t know is that I was a fitness director of a very posh upscale gym I manage the personal trainers I’m gonna give you the secret sales technique how you can go inside to any gym and negotiate a better price all gyms at least if the commercial gyms are not no mom-and-popgyms they all try and suck you in to contracts and get you to pay a higher rate right they have different rates all gyms have a bunch of different rats really expensive ones for you know the CEO and guys are willing to pay that amount and they basically get no extra amenities the average price they’ll try and get you it and then the real price the lowest they’re willing to go you want to negotiate down here’s what you do when you walk into the gym the sales rep is going to try and make Commission and it’s going to try and give you a higher price they’ll always try and you know highball you give you a really high price whatever price to offer that don’t accept it here Is exactly what you say I have a couple friends but then work out at one of your gyms and they’re paying a far lower rate and no they’re not getting an employee discount why is that once again the sales rep will try and high ball you blah blah blah that’s when you say look I know you’re making Commission I know it’s possible for me to get a lower rate but paying up front for a longer term so they’ll try and sucker you into maybe a one to three year contract that offer to pay up front if the rates 6000Rs be like I’ll pay you 5000 for an entire year right now 2999 cold cash from my debit right now there’s a very high chance that it will take this all sales reps make Commission so they’re very likely at the possibility of them making a lot of cash up front and they’ll make a commission from this to your guarantee that they’re more likely to bite on this trust me guys this seriously works just remember this if you go into a corporate gym the ate they offer is not the best rateal ways demand more and you might get a really pushy sales person telling to shut the up those are the big factors what equipment do they have what’s the gym vibe what’s the environment how’s it like and then what’s the availability of the equipment you know the hours other amenities you potentially can look at is what the facilities what are they like are they clean of course you know if you shower there I personally shower at home but if you shower there you gotta take a look at that you know what’s the hot women ratio of that honestly I found never deter mines how good a gym is quite honestly my experience so I didn’t include that but you have to determine for you what determines a good gym guys that is the Blog thank you for watch in Gym Blogs make sure to LIKE share with friends . we having the best gym in madhyamgram , with all the facilities and all modern equipment.

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