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5 Things To Look for While Choosing a Gym Near You


Finding a gym around your neighbourhood doesn’t sound too difficult, right? After all there’s almost always a new gym popping up in any vicinity! Well, as easy as it sounds, there’s a lot that goes into picking the right gym near you- from the trainers to the equipment and obviously the gym membership!

So whether you’re jumping onto the fitness bandwagon or finally living up to your New Year resolution, here’s an easy guide on how can you can choose the best gyms in Dubai to suit your fitness needs.

  1. A variety of activities to choose from:

The best way to spot a great gym is by all the different facilities they offer. Be it Zumba, aerobics, yoga or strength training along with traditional WEIGHT LIFTING, you’ll not only have a lot to choose from but will get to challenge your workout routine which will also save you from boredom of doing one thing repetitively. There are a host of gyms in Kolkata City itself that offer many of these facilities with attractive memberships to choose from.

  1. Good Quality Equipment:

Before joining a gym, decide what your purpose there is. Is it strength training? Are you looking to lose a few pounds and get in shape? Perhaps body building. Whatever it is, once you’ve decided on your goal, find out whether the gym you’re interested in has all the necessary and latest equipment. Bad equipment can end up leaving you injured so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  Apart from this, also check that the equipment has been cleaned thoroughly since many people use it every day.

  1. Certified Trainers:

While many may glaze over this part of the gym, it’s crucial to have certified and well experienced trainers. Your trainer will be mentoring and guiding you through your entire regime so it’s only fair that they’re experienced in order to ensure you don’t have any injuries.

  1. Location:

If you’re not looking to travel far and constantly wonder “How can I find the best gym in my location?” then this one’s for you. Though it may seem fun to join a gym that you friends are at, consider how far the gym will be from your home, workplace etc and whether travelling the distance makes sense. Many a times you can find the right gym not too far from home if you do a little bit of research.

  1. Cost of membership:

Last but not the least, it’s time to decide on how much you want to spend on a gym membership and this also depends on how many times you plan to visit the gym. There are a number of gyms in JLT offering attractive discounts for a yearly membership which is a great way to save on money as well as staying committed to your routine. Compare all the pros and cons along with the prices of the gyms to decide what fits your budget!

And there you have it! It doesn’t take a lot in finding the right gym once you’ve got a clear picture of what you’re looking for. Happy gymming!

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