Weight Loss: Here Is Why Some People Are Not Able To Do Push-Ups

01/These might be the reason Push-up is one of the oldest and most popular exercises that have been around for a long time. It is a multi-purpose exercise that engages all your body muscles, right from your head to toe, which makes it one of the most preferred exercises among

What are the benefits of Zumba and Aerobics

Zumba is a great alternative to traditional fitness programs. It motivates you to get up and get moving with its signature Latin music beat. Implementing Latin rhythms can make working out more fun. The speed of the beat also lends itself to making you work out faster than you might

Should I learn kickboxing or Muay Thai for self defence?

It depends what you mean by “better”, I suppose. I will answer in terms of combat effectiveness though. As a general rule, I would say Muay Thai is better for combat. Similarly to Kickboxing, Muay Thai has effective punching and kicking techniques that enable you to punch and kick well as

Your Guide to Navigating the Free Weights at the Gym

The section full of free weights is undoubtedly the most intimidating spot of any gym—a place where, let’s be honest, a lot of women don’t feel like they belong. Some women feel like they aren’t strong enough to lift with the bros. Others worry that they will commit some sort of

What are some of the advantages of spinning class?

Spin classes can be super intimidating, but it’s not as bad if you know what to expect. Here are some of the benefits of spin classes. 1.) Enhance Your Mental Strength. 2.) Improve Your Cardio For a Healthy Heart 3.) You’ll Get Full Mind-Body Workout Not Just Legs 4.) It Helps To

What are health benefits of flaxseed?

Some of the evidence-based benefits of Flaxseeds are: Helps to manage diabetes Flaxseed may be useful in managing diabetes and pre-diabetes in obese individuals. It decreases the level of blood glucose and insulin levels and increases insulin sensitivity. Lowers high cholesterol level Flaxseed may be beneficial in lowering total cholesterol

What are the benefits of cardio exercise?

increasing stroke volume (the volume of blood pumped from one ventricle of the heart with each beat), while also increasing the oxidative capacity of a muscle (amount of oxygen a muscle uses during aerobic activity). Another benefit of cardio exercise is a decrease in resting heart rate as well as